Brand name: Kabeltec

Origin: Germany

Application: This cable has been created for areas of public events e.g. concerts, light and sound events etc., for the protection of sound and light equipment in case of UV radiation.

Mô tả sản phẩm


  • PVC core insulation, coloured cores acc. to JB/OB colour code (VDE 0293)
  • Stranding acc. to VDE 0295 class 5
  • Fine strands of bare copper conductor
  • Earth conductor green/yellow in outer layer
  • PVC outer sheath, black RAL 9005
  • Bending radius 15 x ∅

Technical Data

Conductor Material Copper, bare 
Conductor class Class 5
Core insulation PVC
Core indentification                  Coloured cores acc. to JB/OB colour code (VDE 0293)
Outer sheath PVC
Sheath colour Black (RAL 9005)
Rate voltage [V] 300/500
Testing voltage [V]
Conductor resistance                                                                                                   
Insulation resistance 20MΩ x km
Current carrying capacity
min. bending radius fixed [xd] 4
min. bending radius moved [xd] 15 
working temp fixed min/max [C] -40°C up to +70°C
working temp moved min/max [C] -5°C up to +70°C
temp at conductor max. 
burning behaviour IEC 60332-1: flame-retardant and self-extingguishing