Brand name: Kabeltec


Temp: 80oC

Application: FLEX-JZ 500 is meant to use in medium mechanical stress area with free movement but without tensile stress or forced movements. Applicable in dry, moist and wet environment but not suitable for outdoor. It is used as measuring and controls cables in machines tool, conveyor belts, production lines in machinery production, in air-conditioning and in steel production. The cores are numbered in such a way that there is no difficulty in identifying them and the numbers are underlined to avoid confusion with the earth core laid on the outer layer. The selected PVC compound guarantee flexibility as well as easy installation

Mô tả sản phẩm

Standard                     : According to DIN VDE 0245, 0281, 0293, 0295

Nominal voltage         : Uo/U 300/500 V

Temperature range     : Flexing           : -5oC to +80oC

                                        Fixed laying:  : – 40oC to +80oC

Testing voltage            : 3 KV, 50Hz

Spark test                    : 6 KV

Insulation resistance : Min. 20 MOhm x km

Min. bending radius  : 7.5 x cable diameter