2XSLCY-J 3plus transparent/orange

Flexible motor connection cables for frequency converters, with an improved current-carrying capacity, symmetric, 0.6/1kV

Brand name: Kabeltec

Origin: Germany

Application: Cables with a special construction, used to supply power to motors from frequency converters while maintaining full electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) The cross-linked XLPE polyethylene insulation improves current-carry capacity, while at the same time maintaining low cable capacitance in comparision with cables with a PVC insulation. The cables are suitalbe for both fixed installation and movable connections in industrial equipment, process lines, and machines operating in dry and damp rooms.

The symmetric construction of the cable (3+3PE) ensures the symmetry of supply voltages on the motor terminals. The 3plus2XSLCYK cable has been developed for external applications and direct underground installations.

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Flexible cable with multi-stranded conductors, with a cross-linked XLPE polyethylene insulation, double stranding element screen, with an outer sheath made of a special type of PVC.

Symmetric conductor construction (3+3PE, conductors arranged symmetrically every 120°)

Conductor Material
Conductor class Class 5
Core insulation XLPE cross-linked polyethylene
Core identification
Outer sheath
Sheath colour transparent/orange
Rate voltage [V] 0.6/1k
Testing voltage [V] 2.500
Conductor resistance
Insulation resistance
Current carrying capacity
min. bending radius fixed [xd]
min. bending radius moved [xd]
working temp fixed min/max [C] -30°C up to +70°C
working temp moved min/max [C] -5°C up to +70°C
temp at conductor max.
burning behavior


Part No. no. of cores x cross section mm2 outer ∅ ca. mm copper weight kg/100m weight kg/100m
180301500R        3×1.50+3×0.25 10.5 8.60 14.00
180302500R        3×2.50+3×0.5 11.5 14.30 21.90
180304000R        3×4+3×0.75 12.7 22.40 32.30
180306000R        3×6+3×1 14.1 29.80 42.90
180310000R        3×10+3×1.5 16.2 49.10 61.50
180316000R        3×16+3×2.5 18.5 72.3 81.90
180325000R        3×25+3×4 22.8 113.70 132.40
180335000R        3×35+3×6 25.2 153.50 171.80
180350000R        3×50+3×10 29.2 220.70 239.80
180370000R        3×70+3×10 33.9 287.10 305.50
180395000R        3×95+3×16 37.8 395.30 416.10
1803120000R         3×120+3×16 41.1 483.60 507.30
1803150000R         3×150+3×25 47.0 541.10 612.70
1803185000R         3×185+3×35 52.6 696.80 718.90
1803240000R         3×240+3×50 60.7 854.00 918.00