EMC Control Cable Double Screened 100% Alu Foil 85% Tinned copper wire braid Halogen-free

Brand name: Kabeltec

Origin: Germany

Application: Cables with special construction used to supply power to motors from frequency converters while maintaining full electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). The XLPE insulation improves current carrying capacity maintaining at the same time low capacitance in comparison to PVC insulated cables. The cables are suitable for both fixed installation and flexible connections in industrial equipment, process lines, and machines operating in dry and damp rooms, also in public buildings. The entire cable is made of halogen-free materials and does not emit noxious substances under fire conditions. The symmetric construction of the cable (3 + 3PE) ensures symmetry of voltages on motor terminals

Mô tả sản phẩm

Conductors                 : bare, annealed copper conductors, multi-stranded class 5 acc. to EN 60228

Insulation                     : cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE)

–  Core identification     : black, brown, grey, 3x green-yellow (3 + 3PE)

Core arrangement     : cores twisted together in symmetric construction, protective earth split into three arranged symetrically every 120o

Screens                      : electrostatic screen made of aluminium backed polyester tape and a second screen made of tinned copper wire braid with coverage 85%

Outer sheath             : special halogen-free compound, self-extingguishing and flame retardant (acc. to EN 60332-1, EN 50265, IEC 60332-24, IEC 60332-3 cat.A)

Outer sheath colour   : black

Technical Data:

Conductor Material           Copper, bare
Conductor class Class 5 acc. to EN 60228
Core insulation Cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE)
Core identification Core colours: black, brown, grey 3x green – yellow (3 + 3PE)
Stranding Cores twisted together in symmetric construction, protective earth split into three arranged symetrically every 120°
Outer sheath Specail halogen-free compound
Sheath colour Black
Rate voltage (V) 600/1.000
Testing voltage (V) 4.000
Conductor resistance 12
Insulation resistance >200MΩxkm
Current carrying capacity 120
Min. bending radius fixed (xd)                                   bis 20 mm∅: 7.5 x d>20 mm∅: 10 x d
Min. bending radius moved (xd) bis 20 mm∅: 10 x dbis 20 mm∅: 15 x d

>20 mm∅: 10 x d

Working temp fixed min/max (C)                                         -5°C up to +80°C
Working temp moved min/max (C)                                                            -5°C
Temp at conductor max. +90°C
Burming behaviour PN-EN 60332-1, PN-EN 60332-3, IEC 60332-3: flame retardant and self-extinguishing
Approvals VDE 0207/0250/0295