Trio Kable – Fire Resistance Cables 1 x 2 Core x 1.5mm2 LIHH FE180/PH120 (P/N: 3441957012)

Trio Kablo fire resistant cables are used in fire alarm and security systems, Trio Kablo fire cables continue to operate in case of fire. (Trio Kablo anti-fire cable is used in many places
one can find such as subways, tunnels, shopping malls, hospitals, airports, hotels, residential areas, industrial facilities, etc.)
Trio Kablo fire-resistant cable is halogen free, has flame retardant and low smoke density.

Part number:             3441957012
Brand name/Origin: Trio Kablo/Turkey
Packing: 500 meter
Voltage: 300/500V

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Product Description

Cable design
No. of cores:
Conductor size: 1.5mm2
Conductor: Electrolytic stranded copper wire (Class 5)
Insulation: Silicon
Wrapping: Glass fibre tape
Screen: Aluminum-Polyester tape
Drain wire: Tinned copper wire
Overall cable diameter: 6.95mm
Temperature: -30oC – 90oC
Outer jacket, Colour: HFFR compaund, Orange


Flame retardant test:
IEC 60332-1-2
VDE 0482-332-1-2
EN 60332-1-2
Smoke density test: IEC 61034-2
VDE 0482-1034-2
EN 61034-2
Corrosive gas test: IEC 60754-2
VDE 0482-267-2-3
EN 50267-2-3
Halogen free test: IEC 60754-1
VDE 0482-267-2-1
EN 50267-2-1
Insulation integrity test (FE180): IEC 60331-23
Circuit integrity with shock test (PH120): EN 50200
VDE 0482-200
Category C: BS 6387
Category Z: BS 6387