TOP Solar cable

Top Cable – Topsolar PV ZZ-F/H1Z2Z2-K 1x6mm2 – Black (P/N: 5601006.nr1000)

String cable TopSolar ZZ-F / H1Z2Z2-K is a solar PV cable, TÜV & EN certifed, specially designed for the connection of photovoltaic panels. This versatile single-conductor cable is designed to meet the varying needs of the solar industry. Higly fexible cable, compatible with all major connectors. Suitable for wet, damp and humid locations.

Part number: 5601006.nr1000
Brand name/Origin:        Top Cable/Spain
Voltage: 1000V

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Product Description

Tinned copper (Class 5 – Flexible)
Cross section: 6mm2
Diameter: 5.9mm
Insulation: LSZH thermosetting rubber
Outer sheath: LSZH thermosetting rubber (type EMB)
Chemical performance: Chemical & Oil resistance: Excellent
  Grease & mineral oils resistance: Excellent
Temperature: -40oC – 120oC
Maximum short-circuit temperature: 250oC (max 5s)
Flame non-propagation: UNE-EN 60332-1 
  IEC 60332-1
LSZH: UNE-EN 60754-1
  IEC 60754-1
Low smoke emission: UNE-EN 61034
  IEC 61034
Low corrosive gases emission: UNE-EN 60754-2
  IEC 60754-2
Reaction to fire CPR: EN 50575
Installation conditions: Open air, Buried