Hosiwell Fire Resistant Instrumentation Cables 2 Pair x 1.5mm2 (P/N: IF15002P-LSZH-FR)

Fire resistant instrumentation cables from Hosiwell is suitable to use for installation in signal & fire alarm system.


For fire alarm system, building sound, broadcast, audio control, and instrument use to be in conduit.


Part number: IF15002P-LSZH-FR  
Brand name/Origin: Hosiwell Cable/Thailand  
Voltage: 300V/500V  
Packing: 500 met  

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Product Description

Cable construction
Plain annealed copper
Fire Barrier: Mineral ceramic (Mica) based fire resistant tape, wrappong
Insulation: XLPE
Binders: Mylar tape wrapping
Drain wire: Tinned copper wire
Shielding (Coverage 100%): Aluminum Foil-Polyester tape
Outer jacket, Colour: Low smoke zero halogen (LSZH), Orange


Physical characteristics
No. of pair:
Conductor size: 1.5mm(7/0.53mm)
Insulation thickness: 0.6mm
Cable overall diameter: 12.30mm
Temperature: -20oC – 90oC


IEC 60228 , IEC 60502-1
Circuit integrity: BS 6387 categories C, W, Z
  IEC 60331 at 750oC 3 hours
Flame propagation: IEC 60332-1
  IEC 60332-3 categories A, B, C
Acid gas emission: IEC 60754-2
Smoke emission: IEC 61034