Hosiwell 4 Pair 22AWG RS485 Industrial Data Cable (P/N: 94854B-22)

The overall foil and braid shielded paired cable from Hosiwell Cable is suitable to use for RS485 high speed balanced digital applications.

Applications: For building sound, broadcast, audio control, and instrument use.

Part number: 94854B-22
Brand name/Origin: Hosiwell Cable/Thailand
Voltage: 300V
Packing: 500 meter

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Product Description

Cable Construction
Tinned copper
Insulation: PE (High density polyethylene)
Shielding (Coverage 100%): Aluminum mylar tape
Drain wire: Tinned copper
Braid shield (Coverage 85%): Copper braid
Outer jacket, Colour: Black sunlight resistant PVC


Physical Characteristics
No of pair:
Conductor size: 22AWG (7/0.26mm)
Jacket diameter: 13.8mm
Temperature: 75oC


Jacket Characteristics
Weatherproof and sunlight resistance PVC
Anti-ant and mouse destroy PVC
Flame retardant: UL type FT4 flame test


UL subject 444 type CM
NEC article 800
UL approvals