Hosiwell 1 Pair 16AWG Fire Alarm Audio Control Water Resistant Cable (P/N: 9016-AQ-LSZH)

The Water resistant cable from Hosiwell Cable is suitable to use for installation in signaling & fire alarm system. Indoor/outdoor wet location. This cable is constructed with PVC insulation, 100% Aluminium Foil-Polyester tape shield drain wire, water blocking tape with LSZH fire protective outer jacket (LSZH)

For fire alarm system, building sound, broadcast, audio control, and instrument use to be in conduit. In a outdoor underground environment.

Part number: 9016-AQ-LSZH
Brand name/Origin:
Hosiwell Cable/Thailand
Voltage UL: 300V
Outer jacket, Color:
Low smoke and no halogen LSZH, Black
305 meter (1.000 feet)

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Product Description

Cable construction
Stranded bare copper (class 2)
105oC PVC
Shielding (coverage 100%):
Aluminum Foil-Polyester tape
Drain wire:
Tinned copper wire
Water blocking tape:
Wrapping double layer
Outer jacket, Color:
Low smoke and no halogen LSZH, Black
Physical characteristics
Conductor size:
16AWG (19x29AWG)
Insulation thickness:
Insulation diameter:
2.15 ± 0.03mm
Drain wire size:
22AWG (7×0.26mm)
Jacket thickness:
Jacket diameter:
6.40 ± 0.20mm
Operation temperature:
-20oC to 105oC
 Jacket characeristics
Weatherproof and sunlight resistance PVC
 Anti-ant and mouse destroy PVC
Flame retardant: UL type FT4 flame test
UL Standard 1424
NEC Article 760
UL 1685 Vertical tray
UL Approvals