Top Cable – Topsolar PV AL 2kV/ PV wire

Aluminium PV 2kV cable

Topsolar® PV AL 2kV PV WIRE is a UL certified cable suitable for all types of under- ground and open air installations. This cable is specially designed for connections in large scale rooftops and ground farms.

  • Solar PV installations.
  • DC feeders cable.
Brand name: Top Cable  
Origin: Spain  
Standards:  UL PV WIRE / UL USE-2 / EN 50618 / TÜV 2Pfg 1169-08 / UTE C 32-502  
Applications: Solar PV installations  
  DC feeders cable  
Installation conditions: Open air / Buried  

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Product Description

Conductor: Compacted aluminum (8.000 series)
Insulation: Low smoke zero halogen (LSZH), rubber (XLEVA type according to UL)
Outer sheath: Low smoke zero halogen (LSZH), rubber (XLEVA type according to UL ). Black colour
Chemical performance: Chemical & Oil resistance: Excellent
  Grease & mineral oils resistance: Excellent
  UV Resistant based on EN 50618, TÜV 2Pfg 1169-08 and UL 2556
Fire performance: Low corrosive gases emission based on UNE-EN 60754-2 and IEC 60754-2
  Low smoke emission based on UNE-EN 61034 and IEC 61034.: Light transmittance > 60%
  Reduced emission of halogens. Chlorine <15%
Mechanical performance:  Impact resistance: AG2 Medium severity
  Minimum bending radius: x5 cable diameter
Temperature: -40oC – 120oC
  Maximum short-circuit temperature: 250ºC (max. 5 s)
Water performance: Water presence: AD8 submerged