TOP – Topflex MS TRI-RATED H07V2-K

Top Cable – Cáp tủ điện Toxflex MS TRI-RATED H07V2-K

Electric panel wiring Top Cable TOPFLEX MS Tri-rated H07V2-K cable has been designed for the internal wiring of electrical cabinetsswitchboards and small electrical devices. Due to its manufacturing characteristics, it can be used in conduit or in flexible motor ductstransformers and other machinery in general.

Brand name:  Top Cable
Origin: Spain
Applications: Electrical panel wiring, industrial use
Standards: EN 50525-2-31/ UL 758/ CSA C22.2/ BS 6231
Installation conditions:    In conduit

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Product Description

Conductor: Electrolytic copper, class 5 (flexible), based on EN60228 / IEC 60228 and BS 6360
Insulation: Flexible PVC, extra sliding, high service temperature type TI3 according to UNE 21031/HD 21 and Class 43 UL 1581
Chemical performance: Chemical & Oil resistance: Acceptable
Mechanical performance: Minimum bending radius: x5 cable diameter
Temperature: Maximum service temperature: 90ºC s/HD and BS, 105ºC s/UL and CSA.
Maximum short-circuit temperature: 160ºC (max. 5 s)
Minimum service temperature: -40ºC (fixed and protected installations)
Fire performance:  Flame non-propagation based on UNE-EN 60332-1 and IEC 60332-1
Voltage: H05V2-K: 300/500V
H07V2-K: 450/750V     CK 600/1000V     UL 600V
Water performance: Water resistance: AD3 Sprays