TOP – Toxfree ZH Xtrem H07ZZ-F AS

Top Cable – Cable for wind turbine Toxfree ZH Xtrem H07ZZ-F (AS)

The extra-flexible LSZH rubber cable for mobile service.

TOXFREE ZH Xtrem H07ZZ-F AS is a flexible cable for mobile service, suitable for installations where low smoke and halogen free fumes under fire conditions are required. Suitable for installations where the cable must withstand medium mechanical stress, for machines in industrial and agricultural workshops, for motors and transportable machines on construction sitesfor windmills and for agricultural applications.

Brand name:  Top Cable
Origin: Spain
Applications: Industrial, mobile and wildmills
Based on: UNE-EN 50525-3-21
Installation conditions:    In conduit, Open air

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Product Description

Conductor: Electrolytic copper, class 5 (flexible) based on EN 60228 & IEC 60228
Insulation: LSZH rubber (type EI8)
Outer sheath: LSZH thermosetting rubber (type EM8), Black colour, fire retardant cable
Chemical performance: Chemical & Oil resistance: Excellent
Grease & mineral oils resistance: Excellent
Machanical performance: Impact resistance: AG2 Medium severity
Minimum bending radius: x3 cable diameter
Temperature: -40oC – 90oC
Maximum short-circuit temperature: 250oC (max. 5s)
Fire performance:  Fire non-propagation based on UNE-EN 60332-3 and IEC 60332-3
Flame non-propagation based on UNE-EN 60332-1 and IEC 60332-1
Low corrosive gases emission based on UNE-EN 60754-2 and IEC 60754-2
Low smoke emission based on UNE-EN 61034 and IEC 61034.: Light transmittance > 60%
Electrical performance: 450/750V
Water performance: Water resistance: AD7 Immersion