Hosiwell RG59 Coaxial cable type flexible for CCTV (P/N: F-RG59/US)

As a premium coaxial cable manufacturer, Hosiwell manufactures the RG59 type flexible coaxial cables series in best quality. Hosiwell RG59 type flexible cable become the standard for used in professional video applications, Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) or serial digital interface (SDI) signals.

Part number: F-RG59/US
Brand name/Origin: Hosiwell Cable/Thailand
Packing: 305 meter (1000 feet)

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Product Description

Cable construction
Stranded bare copper wire
Insulation: Gas expanded polyethylene
Shielding (Coverage 95%): Copper Clad Alumium braid wire
Outer jacket, Colour: PVC, Black


Physical characteristics
Conductor size:
22AWG (19/0.16mm)
Center conductor diameter: 0.81mm
Braid wire diameter: 0.12mm
No. of braid wire: 144
Braid wire coverage: 95%
Outer jacket thickness: 0.97mm
Outer jacket diameter: 6.15mm ± 0.20mm
Temperature: -20oC – 75oC
Impedance: 75Ω ± 3Ω


Jacket characteristics
Weatherproof and sunlight resistance PVC
Anti-ant and mouse destroy PVC
Flame retardant: UL type FT4 flame test


UL standard UL 758 type 1354
UL 1685 vertical tray
UL approvals E131077



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