Hosiwell RG11 Coaxial cable 75 Ohm (P/N: D-RG11-S60-E)

As a premium coaxial cable manufacturer, Hosiwell manufactures the RG11 type coaxial cables series in best quality. Hosiwell RG11 type coaxial cable become the standard for CATV/MATV, Broadband, HDTV and Satellite broadcasting transmission use.

Part number: D-RG11-S60-E
Brand name/Origin: Hosiwell Cable/Thailand
Packing: 305 metet (1000 feet)

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Product Description

Cable construction
Copper clad stell
Insulation: Gas expanded Polyethylene
Shielding (coverage 100%): Aluminum-Polyprorylene-Aluminum, overlap boned
Drain wire (coverage 60%): Aluminum braid
Outer jacket, colour: PVC, black


Physical characteristics
Center conductor diameter
Insulation thickness: 7.11mm
Braid wire diameter: 0.12mm
No. of braid wire: 96
Outer jacket thickness: 1.07mm
Outer jacket diameter: 10.03mm
Temperature: -20oC – 75oC
Impedance: 75Ω ± 3Ω


Jacket characteristics
Weatherproof and sunlight resistance PVC
Anti-ant and mouse destroy PVC
Flame retardant: UL type FT4 flame test


UL standard 1655
UL 1685 vertical tray
UL approvals